started at a very young age, long before I ever thought I would make a career in the industry.  Starting out in a sales position at a locally owned jewellery store, my boss nurtured my interest in gemstones and encouraged me to enrol in classes at the Gemological Institute of America.  Walking through the doors of the GIA headquarters in Carlsbad, CA, I knew I had found my calling.  



With my keen interest in learning and my amateur detective skills, appraising jewellery was the natural next step in developing my skills.  While completing the Master Valuer Program, I gained an appreciation for vintage and antique jewellery.  Researching auction catalogues and discovering the distinctive design elements that dominated each era was fascinating to me.  

AC Appraisals was officially launched in February 2020 shortly before the world went into lockdown.  To make use of the spare time, I participated in continuing education programs and started volunteering with various organizations.  Suddenly, this virtual world presented me with opportunities to learn and connect with industry experts from around the world.  All this with the added benefit of growing my network and supporting wonderful organizations. 

“My favourite part of the jewellery appraisal process is experiencing the beautiful jewellery and discovering the stories behind my client’s most prized possessions.” -Alanna

As an avid jewellery lover that is passionate about family, I understand the deep connection my clients have with their own jewellery.  Having worked on the other side of the counter, I came to understand the resistance clients had to being without the jewellery. AC Appraisals was created to relive that stress and provide a relaxing environment for clients to get their jewellery appraised.  I provide a comfortable and friendly environment where clients can learn and ask questions about their jewellery.  I love discovering new pieces of jewellery and learning about the history of my client’s most prized possessions. I look forward to meeting with you to uncover the details behind your jewellery.  

AC Appraisals believes . . .


Gemological Institute of America

Alumni member since 2013

Canadian Jewellers Association

Apprentice Appraiser member since 2020

Women’s Jewellery Association

International member since 2021


 WJA Toronto Chapter


As a GIA Graduate Gemologist, I underwent comprehensive training and successfully completed the Graduate Diamonds and Graduate Coloured Stones programs.  

As a GIA Graduate Diamonds, I am able to: 

  • Separate diamonds from common imitations and synthetic materials
  • Grade the diamond’s quality based on GIA’s 4Cs (Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight)
  • Identify treatments and their effect on value

As a GIA Graduate Coloured Stones, I am able to:

  • Identify gemstones using standard gemological tools and techniques
  • Separate gemstones from common imitations and  synthetic materials
  • Apply proper grading methodology based on the nature of the stone
  • Identify treatments and their effect on value

As a Registered Master Valuer, I completed extensive training specifically in the field of appraising jewellery. 

I studied the proper appraisal methodology and how to research the appropriate market.  

I am able to provide my clients with accurate and comprehensive reports for the purpose of:

  • Insurance
  • Estate
  • Donation
  • Probate
  • and more

As a GIA Graduate Pearls, I have completed additional training specific to pearl identification and grading. 

I am able to identify the different types of pearls (Akoya, Freshwater, South Sea, and Tahitian) and the characteristics that make each type unique.  I have learned about their distinct habitats and the process of culturing a pearl.

I am able to grade each type of pearl based on GIA’s  7 Pearl Value Factors:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Luster
  • Surface Quality
  • Nacre Quality
  • Matching

As a GIA Applied Jewellery Professional,  I am prepared to offer clients exceptional service supported by specialized training specific to retail settings.


I am able to assist clients with the selection of fine jewellery by: 

  • conveying the lore and history associated with jewellery items
  • identifying the features of benefits of various jewellery styles 
  • support clients throughout the jewellery buying process


GIA Jewellery Forensics Course, September 2020

54th NAJA ACE IT Mid Year Virtual Conference, August 2020

Jewellery Valuers Association, Registered Valuer Conference-Online, October 2020  

AGA Virtual Las Vegas Conference, June 2021 

2021 Virtual Sinkankas Symposium- Agate, April 2021

Canadian Jewellers Association Annual General Meeting- October 2022

American Gem Society Conclave Louisville, Kentucky- May 2023

“A jewellery appraisal is an unbiased, fully researched estimate of the quality and value of an item- a piece of jewellery or a gemstone.  An appraisal is the opinion of the valuer supported by his/her education, training, experience, and gemological equipment”- Master Valuer 


Jewellers, Gemologists, and Jewellery Appraisers each have their own area of expertise.


Jewellers are business owners who set retail prices and are experts in buying and selling jewellery. 


Gemologists are trained to identify and evaluate the quality of diamonds and coloured gemstones.  


Jewellery Appraisers use their knowledge as gemologists in addition to their specialized training in valuation science to provide an accurate assessment of value. 

Jewellery Appraisers Can:

  • Identify and evaluate gemstones
  • Identify and evaluate age, style, and quality of jewellery items
  • Identify and research value data in the appropriate market
  • Provide a complete appraisal report including description, photographs, and fully researched value statement.